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Key binding

here are some links to help with key binding, a very helpful, if not THE most helpful tool for you to micromanage a battle successfully

if that made your brain hurt, try this tool. it can make keybinds for you. if you can press ctrl V in your chat box in game, you too can have key binds!

instructional video

key binds are most useful for activating all the abilites in a certain row. I for example, place all the skills i want to keep cycling at all time in row 4, and have a key bind that activates all those abilities in sequence every time the key is pressed. on that key bind, i also have the fire all energy weapons, and distribute all shields command attached to it too.

i have another key bind for all my tactical abilities too, to quickly fire them all off in preparation for an alpha strike. thats in my row 5.

all these abilities i still have on my tray as well, so at the very least i know they are working. most of the time you want to hold off on fireing all your tac buffs until you have several off cooldown to stack, so its not the best to just spam the key bind when ever APA cools down.
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