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my complete post buff AtB findings

AtB parred with tech doffs lowers all running cooldowns every time you use it. now that AtB is no longer on the EPtX cooldown system, you can use 2 copies, and 2 different EPtX skills. this leads to... perhaps overpowered builds on certain ships.

to get good mileage you need 3 purple tech. 3 blue are easy to get, and are better then nothing wile you slowly add more purple. with only 1 AtB, anything less then 3 purples will leave gaps in your EPtS up time though. you can get unlimited purple from doffing b'tran support criticals, and 1 from the tier 4 engineering doff store on fed side.

1 AtB is good, it lowers the cool down of every running cooldown. kills your aux for 10 seconds though. AtB used to be on the same cooldowns with the EPtX skills, now its on the AtS and AtD cooldowns. so you can now run 2 EPtX skills without interference from AtB itself, and have full up time with them.

theres another thing thing you can comfortably do now, run 2 AtBs. you can actually just use 2 purple tech doffs with 2 AtB, you will get the same effect as you would get from using 3 with 1 copy of AtB, but you wont be able to use AtB every 10 seconds. at least this is the conclusion i reached when staring at all my abilities cycling for 10 minutes trying to figure out definitively whats going on. at the very least, the EPtX skills do fine with 2 tech doffs and 2 AtB.

but, if you use 3 tech doffs with 2 AtB, every single one of your abilities will basically be lowered down to global before you have a chance to use them again. 2 AtB cycle every 10 seconds with 3 tech doffs, so its energy buff is basically always on, though the result of the energy buff will vary greatly, the Aux doesn't instantly recharge.

i use a copy of EPtA with 2 AtB, because AtB does not seem to always take the aux granted by EPtA. so you basically always have some aux, not always very much, but some. enough for abilities like HE, TB, and your cloaking device to work at all. also, carry aux batts, an aux bat +HE2=1000+ healing a tic. though your aux based heals will be mauch weaker, its like you have 2 copies of them. so even using it with crap aux will give you good overall healing.

AtB, and 2 AtB is not for every ship. only cruisers tend to have 2 TL level eng stations anyway. escorts with a COM and LTC/LT tac already can have 2 of every tactical power they need easily, and its not worth giveing up an ET2, EPtS2, AtS1 or RSP1 for AtB, especially if you also rely on HE and TSS for heals.

AtB does not help healers, as it leaves your aux in the toilet. your best heals rely on it, and periods without good aux wont make you very useful.

the main use for 2 AtB is on tactical captain, tactical focused cruisers. the 2 or 3 tac powers you can have at their global now, and you can use skills like RSP, DEM, and EWP very often. also TB and the sci heals. the vet ship with its wide variety of station powers is excellent with 2AtB too

the orb, nebula and vesta can use 2 AtB and they are sci ships, but remember any sci skill that is aux dependent will be crippled. TBR for damage, VM, ST3, these are all good aux less skills these ships can use, and use at their global.
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