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Originally Posted by jellico1 View Post
Thanks for all the work getting this info
Out to us.
Looks like a lot of grinding to me, I wonder if the method
Of the grind will be any fun
I still feel that the cost are out of range for building and recuiting. solo fleets can only do so much and cost were set out of rannge to diluim costs and daily lot. There will be a rise to new standads for buying diluim from current range of 157/1 to 175/1 range and with so much being costed to one currency may need to think again here. if your pushing nonplayer to buy it right but on my case i bought and buying there are two zen standards and need for pay to play and free to play to take place not junking the members that pay into the game. i expect we getting resovled. We need to focous on rewards for patrols to include rep marks not just fleet action i can see that with what i expect for the game on holo deck the game. i see the idea going from start and we need to focous on bottom not top end i see idea correct to each toon but since your focous is out mixing partols back into game and making it like season 3 would be correct. Star fleet must do as we can and forcing us to build new stuff for borg/dominion fleets