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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
We did not have an immediate solution to making a power that could remain on the player until their next power was activated, and then consume it. So the 5-second timer is by design to allow 1 or 2 power activation that are capable of benefiting from the boost.
Hi Bort, thanks for the info.

I think it will be 2 powers on a good day, and 1 power on bad ones - this will generally be dictated by lag.

Unfortunately right now, even space is plagued by pretty severe powers activation lag - my client, or FPS do not actually lag but pretty much myself and everyone I know experience this issue where you can click an ability for it to simply not fire off.

That's not really related to the design of this power, but I think it will affect it.

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I'd like to reinforce the fact that this boost adds +100 to ALL Science Skills. This includes the skills that will increase effectiveness of Shield Heals, Current Shield HPs, Damage, Control and Energy/Shield Drains... but it also grants a massive boost to the RESIST skills that can help players escape or shrug off incoming control effects.
I appreciate the idea behind that, but here are a few comments:

1) There are still some builds (primarily sci ships) that will gain a very useful tool with this power vs. others (like escorts) that will be gaining very little.

2) Since there is no information in the UI available, or anywhere else, it's really hard as a player to know what +100 to Power Insulators is actually going to do.

If I have 9 ranks in PI (so 99) and therefore 50% resistance - what exactly does adding +100 do to the resistance number?

What happens to skills from even 0 to 99 is not listed anywhere in game, much less how skills function when taken beyond 99.

3) I'm still not convinced that Inertial Dampers even does enough to justify adding skill ranks to - but even if it is this ability seems like it could be doing more than just breaking a tractor beam. (I'm just looking at the idea of this T5 power boosting resistances as you mentioned).

Ultimately my reason for creating this thread is not that this power, in and of itself, is a bad idea - I just think it will have a greater impact on some ships/captains and much lesser impact on others.

That's normally fine, but in this instance this is the only available T5 Romulan Rep system selectable power.

I feel if you have completed T5 of the rep system, and get your final ability that it should be something of decent impact. As a Sci captain in a Sci ship, I think this power would be exactly that.

For a Cruiser or Escort, not so much.

Realistically in this game's system a 10 minute cooldown is basically an eternity in any single PvE instance and being somewhat more resistant to some effects for 5s is really marginal at best.

Would it be out of the scope of what you intended for the Rep system to include a second power choice at T5, as is the case with all of the other tiers?

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