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basic build tutorial

to start things off with, heres a nice simple, cheap to put together build for a cruiser. chances are your in a cruiser, and would like to pvp in it and primarily deal damage. wile thats not its primary role, it can be done, and its a good platform for learning the ropes of pvp. this will be more of a tutorial then a serious build, but it will create a very sturdy ship that you can practice taking damage and healing in.

tac/eng/sci captain assault cruiser

use 8 beam arrays of your choice, as long as they are all the same energy type.

tactical team 1, fire at will 2

tactical team 1

emergency power to weapons 1, emergency power to shields 2, reverse shield polarity 2, axillary to structural 3

emergency power to weapons 1, emergency power to shields 2, engineering team 3 (or extend shields 2, or directed energy modulation 2, or eject warp plasma 1, or axillary to structural 2)

hazzard emitters 1, transfer shield strength 2

power level presets
attack/speed- 100/25/50/25
attack/tank- 100/50/25/25
GTFO- 25/50/100/25
aux healing- 25/50/25/100

you have 4 available presets, i would set them up like this if i were you.

deflector- borg

engine- borg

shield- maco

its likely you have stf set pieces, maco is the best shield. the borg deflector and engine gives you an extra hull heal for more defense, but for offense you could use the omega deflector and engine and deal passive extra shield damage.

eng consoles
2 sfi, 2 neutronium

sci consoles
2 field generators

tac consoles
3 energy weapons specific to the type your using


duty officers, or doffs, are the newest addition to your ships equipment, and now your most important piece of equipment. the safest bet for any ship is to get 3 shields distribution doffs, 3 green should be cheap enough, and be quite effective. you use their effect the same you you use RSP, when your shields are down to nothing. wile your taking fire, activate it and receive a good to great shield heal. for the other 2 slots, you could equip 2 conn doffs to reduce the cooldown on evasive maneuvers. do your own research on your doffs, having the right doff in combination with your station powers will make a big difference in your performance.

the assault cruiser is easy to get when you make admiral, chances are free if you have a token. its a simple, sturdy ship that can put down good damage over time.

2 tactical teams, or TT, will give you good protection from incoming damage. they balance your shield hit points to reinforce the shield facing thats getting hit, keeping you safe from hull damage. at all times you want to be manually distributing your shields as well, this is the #1, most important thing you can do in pvp if you want to survive.

with 8 beam arrays, fire at will, or FAW, will be good at hitting all near by targets, including spam and help clear it. its not a good skill for single target damage though.

emergency power to weapons and shields are very important skills. with the way their cool downs work, every 15 seconds you can activate 1 of the 4 of them and enjoy 100% up time with the bonus power they provide. emergency power to shields, or EPtS, offers extra shield resistance as well as extra shield power. no mater what ship you fly, you want to have this skill on at all times.

reverse shield polarity, or RSP, is an oh crap skill, but is often misused. this skill should not be your first line of defense, but your last line. for between 5 and 15 seconds depending on grade, it converts incoming energy to shield hitpoints, as a secondary effect this makes you basically invincible. but thats its secondary effect. you ONLY want to use this skill when all your shields are down to slivers and you dont have any other shield heal ready. if you have been cycling EPtS, TT, and manually distributing, your shields should all drain at once, creating the ideal opportunity to use this skill.

hazard emitters, or HE, is a hull heal over time. auxiliary to structural, or AtS, is an instant hull heal and resist. it has a global cooldown of 10 seconds when you use 2 copies of it, and the resist lasts 10 seconds. with 2 copies you can have full up time with this skill too. AtS3 is only available on very rare bridge officers, but shouldn't be too hard to find on the exchange.

transfer shield strength, or TSS, is a shield heal and resist over time, a great skill to use when you start getting attacked. how good these 3 skills are depends on how much auxiliary power you have. if your in need of strong heals, use an aux batt or transfer energy to aux.

eject warp plasma, or EWP, leaves a trail of plasma behind you and acts like a snare to enemies that touch it

extend shields, or ES, is a shield heal over time to allies, you cant use it on your self. you would be most useful to your team if you used this skill

directed energy modulation, or DEM, is a small extra shield penetrating damage applied to your weapons.

with all these skills, you should have good damage dealing, good tanking, and good support capability. this is a cruisers role, adding their pressure damage and giving heals out to those in trouble, and keeping yourself healthy too.

many more builds will be salvaged from old threads soon, when i get to it
gateway links-->Norvo Tigan, Telis Latto Ruwon, Sochie Heim, Solana Soleus

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