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10-27-2012, 06:56 PM
Okay nice to hear the reasoning. But i see a few issues with it.

1. Many skills won't see a huge benefit from this skill in reality as they scale poorly with skill points, or are already so weak that a littlie less weak once every 10 minutes is still weak.

2. Even if it raised every skill to OMG SO POWERFUL levels AFAIK any buffs like this, if they wear off whilst an over time effect is running, the relevant effect losses the boost. This means that Tykens, GW, TBR, TB, TSS, Energy Siphon, Tachyon Beam, Feedback Pulse, and probably a few others I?ve forgotten won't get a lot out of it.

3. Even assuming it provided a straight +100% boost, any given single skill represents such a small % of our total contribution, and any given skill will be used so many times in a 10 minute period that the contribution will be near meaningless. To put it into perspective. On a basic VA ship of mine the borg console pushes average crit magnitude to 60%, assuming no +CrTD on the weapons a 3% crit chance bonus is the same as +2.4% DPS. Now true CC is a big part of a Sci's arsenal in PVE so that?s not a totally pure picture. But then again our CC won?t benefit much from this anyway, they already do their jobs well and most peoples GW is already close enough to the Graviton Generator skill cap to make this near meaningless anyway.

Let me give you an example of a good one. My PDP console on my Tac. By commanding it with my buff's, (and given it's D this is easy), i can shove the damage up to 1700 a shot, and between it's innate bonus and my own bonus and low pVE defenses I can pretty much grantee it won't miss. On top of that it?s running an 8.4% crit chance and >100% crit magnitude, backed by APB and in single target burns FoMM. Realistically 70K total per activation on a 4 minute CD is conservative. To do something comparable, (averaged over the ability cycle), with a 5 second Tactical buff on a 10 minute CD, (bearing in mind an escort is likely to normally be bursting 10K tops for most people, (12K is the highest I?ve heard of)), and considering total +damage % is probably over the 500% mark, you'd need on the order of a +1200% modifier. Does that put the concept into perspective for you.

Now granted this is an innate ability, doesn?t necessarily focus on pure damage and doesn?t take up a console slot. But still it needs to be a heavy duty ability to be worth it on a 10 minute CD. I think to leave it at 10 Minutes is just not going to be workable if you want a genuinely powerful ability that?s going to compare with even the lower tier abilities.

IMHO what I?d do:

1. Change it to affect the next science ability used in the next 30 seconds.

2. Make it eliminate the CD of that ability and reduce the Global CD on that and any attached abilities to 5 seconds.

3. Drop the Ability CD of the buff to around 3-4 minutes.

This way it's an effective free +100% buff to whatever skill you use regardless of ability or base skill point levels, (or in some cases allows for otherwise impossible skill combo's like Grave Well and Tykens, or TSS and FBP). This means it's an equal buff for everyone. At the same time it's no longer such a long CD buff that you need a truly ungodly, (read near "I WIN" level), buff to make it seem worth it.

It wouldn?t fix it for everything, TBR still won?t get a huge buff and Jam, Scramble, and Mask are in the same boat too. But it would go a LONG way towards helping make this what you want it to be, a significant single power buff.