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10-27-2012, 08:06 PM
Originally Posted by kirksplat View Post
Slow down HippieJohn. I'd really like to see what you can do when you really build the sets and add lots of polish. Your first mission has a ton of potential. Don't rush things, lol.
Well, my big project is a real labor of love, and some real planning and map design work.

Away Team - Episode One, "Incursion" is going to be a long time in the making, working on scripting (and casting it) now. It will be a long "feature length" mission, with the intention of making the player feel like the star of a big budget , awesome Star Trek movie.
It is intended to pay tribute to the 2001 game "Away Team", and my main goal is to create ground maps that require strategic approaches to engaging the enemies and reaching the objectives.

Three Episodes planned, and if I can do it right, people won't mind only having 1 space battle in 3 episodes *fingers crossed on that one*

as far as the Foundry Challenge and Gates Contests, The Federation mission is done. I go back every day and play through to tweak things, and go over for spelling and grammar. Some work is left on the KDF version (Mostly reskinning mobs - What should I reskin to be a TOS Klingon ? , but with the story done, those two are pretty much ... in the bag as it were.

Finally figured out custom maps and how I want to approach them when I need to, and next up if figuring out triggers to make things happen while players are on the map.

Anyway, off to play around in the Foundry some more.