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Originally Posted by rodentmaster View Post
Closed a loophole? Brother, please!

They don't play this game. They don't even acknowledge the PROBLEMS we are facing. My fleet battlecruier, with cruiser shields and hull, with field generators and KHG mk XII shields, still is 1-shotted instantly through full shields and hull multiple times a day. It's bullcrap. The devs are so disassociated with this game they shouldn't be programming for it anymore.

Dare I say they all ought to be canned and people that care ought to be hired instead?

No, it's not. My Fleet Vorcha (I'm a TAC captain) w/ the same setup doesn't drop below half-hull (from full) even when eating a High yield Plasma torp. If you managed to get dropped in a single shot, it was because your shields were down, or you don't have any resistance skills/talents/consoles running. That's your fault, you should always have atleast a EPtS running, along w/ atleast one Neutronium.

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