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10-27-2012, 08:33 PM
will yes I am from europe but what do i set my server line to,EU or US and both don't work just the same. I played fine from april to june until something funny about ship combat, in june one day the ships when firing would freeze for about 2 to 3 seconds. i also tried to improve the game and I just gave up. and I bought the game from a game shop but wait until free to play came, it is on steam that is where the free to play was downloaded. when I started to play a few days ago the red thing comes up and says server is not responding and I mean its worse now in combat the ships just freeze and when you fire a torpedo the ship moves again and stops moving. it also happens in the mapping area aswell. and I think it has bugs aswell, what do I do, I bought the game at ?35.00 with a code two years ago. are the numbers of people with servers that are not responding getting higher and higher every week now. please can you help me in anyway because I am from the EU the server must be week here, I use wireless and two other people in the house are also using it, but my wireless is fine. here is my server lines in my wireless IPV4 DHCP IPv4 DNS I think the server line can't cope with so many players online maybe that is the reason for the bugs and freezes,