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10-27-2012, 09:12 PM
Originally Posted by dracounguis View Post
I paid "real money" for the Sao Paulo version. Cryptic seems to have missed that too. I still will have to pay 4 modules. I call BS on that.
The Sao Paulo is just a Costume for the Defiant and a Unique Weapon, the same applies with the other variants of the others ships of that level, the Bellerophon and the Venture.

No, Cryptic did not missed that, it says "Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit", not "Fleet Tactical Refit" , you knew damn well what you were buying and dont try to cheat the system ... after all did you get a discount on Tactical Escort Retrofit if you own the Tactical Refit?

The only BS is people thinking they are so smart and trying to pull a fast one and then realizing that its not working, then they complain about it.

Oh, I happen to own the Escort Retrofit that does not get a discount on the Fleet Escort Retrofit ... I can understand why I dont get to only pay 500 Zen as a discount from having brought a ship that costs 750 Zen.