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10-27-2012, 10:17 PM
Originally Posted by lomax6996 View Post
I've been having similar issues lately. Last night in an STF was typical. I experienced the following in a Hegh'ta BOP. Would suddenly stop moving even though I wasn't tractored or hit with any other movement arrestor. Sudden loss of steering. Lack of response from keyboard input. At one point, I respawned, cloaked and then couldn't do anything else. Just flew along in a straight line, cloaked. No response from any controls. I click on a target and the system will target the object then suddenly jump to another target. Had several instances where I targeted an object and engaged. A minute or two into the engagement the system suddenly jumps to another target. Last night was the worst it's been but have had all of these issues at various times lately. My computer has no issues anywhere else and this has only recently started in STO (since last patch or patch before). I usually notice it in STF's more than anywhere else and it's very sporadic and unpredictable.
I think this issue in the quote above is a different issue than the one originally addressed in this post (i.e., the one related to SS), but I have also experienced what you are doing about--just this morning (x2!) in fact.

Concerning SS, I have also been experiencing this tray-lockdown issue in PvP, but I had not made the connection to tricos. I will keep my eyes open though.

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