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10-28-2012, 03:44 AM
Originally Posted by misskorya View Post
I can see that yes, and would this be in addition to the said ability you mentioned earlier? Or in-part of the hybrid would that ability go to console? I don't want to over power the Niagara because she's not going to outpace any of the bigger guns in games, by any means but she would have her advantages certainly.

I would propose that she'd be added as a "Fleet" vessel as well, seeing how her cousin the Cheyenne is listed in as a "Fleet" version. I am certainly aiming to grab the Cheyenne as a "Fleet" since I never grabbed her while leveilng my main.
I'm actually worried this would still be underpowered.
"True" Science ships use their Sensor Analysis ability to gradually increase the damage of all their weapons so eventhaully they reach pretty much cruiser level.

It just takes some time.
The "Hybrid" I proposed would lack this yet have only 7 weapons overall.
So this would actually be a somewhat undergunned ship.
As compensation she'd have the added powerbonus I described.
And since console abilities take up a slot I'd say the power bonus can be inherited from the overall classification while the ability can come from a console.

I'm sorry if this didn't become any clearer in my other post.