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10-28-2012, 05:01 AM
You get Omega Marks on Stf now, Also on Elite you Get Borg Neural Processor(elite Marks) you can either spend in a mission for Dilithium(5 for 1000 takes 15sec) or use them to buy MK XII Stuff. Also you get 960 Dilithium on Elite and 480 on Normal. Also if you get the Optional you get 25% more Omega marks(60 on Elite without optional)

The Marks are used in the Personal Reputation System like with the Starbase System( EX. 17 marks 900 Dilithium 20 Large Hypo 2 Common Doffs 20 Med Regenerators and 40 Comodites)
this Misison tages 1D 16h and gives 2000XP the Other mission needs lesser amount and Gives 800XP. Tier 1 Needs 5000XP so your done after about 4-5 Days for Tier One. The Costs will increase but its not that much.