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10-28-2012, 04:40 AM
I used to use the Aegis set on my Excelsior and I find the 3 piece Aegis to be a little better than the 3 piece MACO i think the reactive shielding could use a buff but it's still worth having until full Mk XII MACO is available to you. The other thing full Aegis does is give you +10 to shield power so that's 10 power you can use elsewhere if you want.

I think given the lacking turn rate of the oddy the weapon layout is good.

Rather than the plasma dist console I'd take the EPS regulator as it is better for keeping power levels up and thus propping up damage, with cycling EPtS you don't need the field emitter consoles so I would recommend the use of neutroniums.

I doubt grav well will be of much use to you with the oddy turn rate; you might get away with photonic shockwave but with PvE in mind I would recommend something more along the lines of:

Tac based


Eng based

For both you can reallocate ground and spare points to better suit you.

The tac based allows you to max team DPS as you can get both attack pattern debuffs on a target at the same time the eng based allows you to keep up your sustained DPS and spike for a fair amount. I would build a science but as most of the sci skills that are still powerful are 90 deg firing arc the ship renders them near useless.