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10-28-2012, 05:55 AM

I think what you have is a good start. As a tactical, you can straight up kill your way through STFs. Let the science ships think they are helping by taking their gravity wells.

(Im kidding, I play science myself)

DEM + Beta + your tactical abilities are going to help you cut right through any shielded targets. With 2 spreads and 2 CRF, you have a mini alpha every 15 seconds.

Get 2x Lab development scienctist Doffs to bring the cooldown of Science team to 15 second global.

There was a lot to say about your spec. I dont want to write an essay on how to spec, (people have already done that on the pvp forums), but you had a lot of 9s. By reducing them to 6s, you can specialize into way more skills.