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Originally Posted by momaw View Post
I hear lots of noise that amounts to "No! That is OUR TOY and we do not share."

If that's what the developers intended then they wouldn't have added the Atrox, the Armitage, and the Recluse. They did, so your argument is invalid. And just to put the brakes on any nonsensical retorts about greed or favoritism, I have 2 KDF characters and 1 Federation character.

Personally I would like to see a flight deck cruiser for Federation, though honestly I put a Federation frigate-class pet higher on the want scale, and a total overhaul of carrier pet AI and UI higher than both.
WRONG... the Carriers came about because fed players complained about all of the fighter/frigate spam... and after all the complaints were tallied up the federation got the Atrox... not 2 months later they got the armatage..... and before you start calling me out as bing one of those that scream these are our toys and we are not sharing.... I have 3 fed characters and 3 KDF characters all at max level, now back to my rant..... most everything that was unique to the KDF (approximately 70% of the unique KDF stuff) is now in the hands of the federation.... so NO I dont think that the Federation needs a flight deck cruiser... you want a flight deck cruiser make a KDF character and play there....
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