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Originally Posted by ducesettutamen View Post
Just pointing this out Mister. Under your current setup you have the Niagara giving a bonus of +30 power across all systems. Currently the limit is +15 for escorts, science and hybrids, with +20 for cruisers. Its something Cryptic would never go for. And TBH, it would make the ship really op, because if my fitting ideas are on the mark, and considering time on target; it would out DPS anything but escorts and be able to out tank anything currently in game.
As I already tried to point out, it would only have 7 weapons and no Sensor Analysis (so no 33% bonus over time that counters the fact that Science ships have only 6 weapons).
Did you factor that into your analysis?

And I did not take your BO layout onto consideration, how could I have done so since you posted it after I had posted my idea?

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