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10-28-2012, 09:57 AM
Originally Posted by therealsivar View Post
It is scheduled to start this week, and I'm in the process of working up the schedule now. However I wouldn't be too worried if you need a couple of days because of RL issues or whatever, the Leagues were designed around that and you've got the entire week to get the first match done.

If you need more time than that then let me know.
I'll save myself the rush. This new season coming out, it has has put me in a frenzy to:

A) Level a new toon
B) Get all STF gear for all my 12 characters
C) Get my pvp gear for the ship I want use (very not ready)

Based on these three points, I'm very apologetic but I have to bow out. Sorry.

-PaxOttomana of Turkish RP Heroes