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Originally Posted by paxottoman View Post
Guys how did this become the "Season 7 Sophlogimo - Death to PvP" thread? Use that skill we all have in real life to ignore something...
It didn't, it is just the usual (two remaining?) trolls jumping up and down whenever I post something they disagree with.

I am not the only one who observes that the number of PvP players seems to increase, by the way. Of course, that is all subjective... it would be great to have some real numbers.

However, the most skilled people have become fewer recently, no doubt. In order for the PvP queues to provide a challenge to those people, maybe they should do what vastly superior chess players do: Accept a handicap, such as queueing in a tier 4 ship.

I think the new grind isn't as bad as the starbase grind. However, one grind will inhibit the others' progress.

But I'm taking a step back and looking at us as a unique group of people says a lot of things. Despite all the crappy things that may have happened, its really all natural.

I've been reading a lot about how a lot of other MMOS, particularly WoW, pretty much do the samething every other season if not every season. It's really an endless cycle.

I'm not saying this is enjoyable and welcomed, it is kind of annoying at times. But I think we're a strong group of people in general to overcome such obstacles with constant discussion. Although sometimes the discussion can get testy at times, we somehow seem to be ok in someway or another.
Actually, I think many people secretly like it as much as they hate the grinding and the power creep. I mean, at least it keeps you trying new stuff, and experimenting and learning. ^^

Let's just say "Bring it on" let's see if we can survive another season at this point. lol.

-PaxOttomana of Turkish RP Heroes
Well said!
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