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Originally Posted by logitech007 View Post
Hello evil70th,

I have got these 2 new missions that are part of a series, and i was wondering if you can look at them and play them.

2) Tempus Fugit: amicis et spes
Author: Logitech007
Level: 35+
Allegiance: Starfleet/ Federation
Starting Location: Veela System in the Kassae Sector in the Regulus Sector Block
You have formed an alliance with your former enemy to do battle with the Shadow Alliance. Can you both survive the Shadow Alliance attack? Trapped in a different reality where nothing is what it seems to be. Will you get back or will you be trapped here forever?

You can either post your report here on the forums or ingame me at: @Logitech007

Thanks so much for taking the time to review and play my new missions.

Federation Mission - Tempus Fugit: amicis et spes
Author: Logitech007
Allegiance: Federation

----------Report Start-----------

Summary: Due to the length of time I spent on your first mission and the issues I found that are similar in this mission I am going to file the summary for this mission. This is a good mission overall but there are still several grammatical issues across all the maps. The grammatical and spelling issues that range from the use of singular context instead of plural to the use of lower case "i" instead of upper case "I". The map where we engage the Shadow Alliance and blind the sensors you used the word "Pulase" instead of "Pulse". The enemy mobs spread across the maps are very tough and I would not recommend a player take this mission on at Elite level. Despite the grammatical, spelling, and battle issues I would still recommend this mission to other players. Overall it is a good mission with a great story.

Mission Description: This is a good description. I noted no spelling or grammatical errors with this description.

Grant Mission Dialogue: This is the same as the main part of the description. As with the other mission you need to develop dialogue that tells just enough of the story to draw the player in and make them want to click "Accept".

Mission Task: This is a good initial task with the start location for the first custom map. Consider adding the sector block to this task to help those who do not have a detailed map and have to rely on the one provided by STO. I noted no spelling errors with this task.

Mission Entry Prompt: This is a good use of the prompt. I noted no spelling or grammatical errors with this prompt.

---------End Report----------

Thanks again for authoring and for giving me the chance to review your work. This mission needs work on the grammatical, spelling, and enemy mob balancing. It need work but is still worth playing.

This critique report also filed 10/28/2012 on forum posting for: In depth mission reports upon request.
If you would like a detailed review of your mission please visit my forum posting "In depth mission reports upon request" for details. Also see Evil 70th's list of missions at "Evil 70th's Missions".