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10-28-2012, 01:03 PM
Originally Posted by nicha0 View Post
Not sure what all this easy talk is. I joined one today.. only 2 other people on the map, they were always dead in seconds. The tholians had us spawn camped, I spawned and have 55% hull left before my shields even flicked up, they disable your weapons every 5s and use 100% FAW constantly.

If the groups start separate it'd probably be easy, but when I got there it was one massive group constantly disabling your ship, using tractors, and rarely missing. Eventually I was able to get out of the big spawn and eliminate some ships but the other 2 people there were just hopeless.
I had the same issue in one of my Tholian fleet alerts as I spawned in the middle of a mass battle. It was rather disorienting and they were constantly disabling my shields were shredded and hull down to 50%...but once I regrouped...I made them pay for their impudence...ha ha ha. Actually I loved the fact that it was more challenging than when I meet the Tholians in the regular fleet alerts. The Tholians in the regular fleet alerts are pushovers....the Tholians in the Tholian fleet alert seemed more "angry" and aggressive. They could probably just fix the spawning location