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10-28-2012, 01:33 PM
See, the thing is I can set it up with the same boff skills as my oddy on my fed, ENS/LT tac, LtCDR/CDR eng, LT sci. Basic eng cruiser setup. Stick 8 beams on it, run max power, tank.

I can do that. But it still turns worse than an oddy, and frankly I can do the same thing with better results in more nimble ships. The exact same setup is on the vor'cha retrofit, the k'tinga retro and F K'tinga retro as well. There's no reason to use the bortasqu' for it.

As far as an eng cruiser it might do well, but trying to get sci skills from it? It's a compromise from both a cruiser standpoint and a sci ship standpoint, and going dedicated either way will give better results.

I'm sorry if my previous post came off as too overly negative. I suppose the bortasqu' has redeeming qualities, but frankly the same qualities are found elsewhere. So for this character I'm going elsewhere.

I suppose it would be good for an engineer, though. You could run the LtCDR as a TAC for better offense, and use eng skills to run high power to the weapons and protect your shields because you have less eng boffs.