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10-28-2012, 01:39 PM
Well to that end give us that LtCDR as universal then. On all the fleet battlecruisers. Let us tank or attack as we prefer.

Of course precedent is to make the ENS slot universal then, so you can move it elsewhere.

I like my K'Tinga retro, but I feel a little gypped on the boff setup when I see how much folks gush about the Tor'kaht. They are the same ship. The vor'cha retro IS the K'Tinga retro. The Fleet retro just adds a console. The Tor'kaht was superficial skin for the vor'cha retro. They really are the same ship with different skins.

I guess I'm just wishing after the fact. They're putting more and more universal slots on, too bad they didn't put them on my fav ship. It rightly deserves it! It's been around the longest! (K'Tinga, in case you didn't guess by now what my fav ship is!)

EDIT: P.S. The lockbox battlecruisers come standard with ltcdr as universal, also. They're battlecruiser/raptor hybrids, really. More salt in the wound!