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While browsing the forums I'm noticed that certain Captain and BOff abilities get trashed and never seem to find a use, either by just not being effective or being poorly balanced. I would like to put forward some of my thoughts, so that a discussion of these can be started will the goal of giving Cryptic ideas on how to fix them. Keep in mind that these are only ideas and probably need tweaking to actually work for us in game, were they to be implemented.

Major Changes:

Jam Sensors: replace the placate with a perception debuff (duration scaling with rank, magnitude scaling with Aux). Single target. Cleared by Sci Team. Allows ships to reduce threat they may acquire and or avoid damage from buffed targets.

Scramble Sensors: reduce target's StealthSight and Accuracy (duration scaling with rank, magnitude scaling with Aux). 3km AOE. Cleared by Sci Team or Eng Team. Interfere with ship's targeting and allowing cloaked ships to move closer to potential targets, aids cloaked get-aways.

Photonic Officer: boost science resistances by significant amounts (duration scaling with rank, magnitude scaling with Aux). Self-targeting or single Target ally. Photonic crewman works to counteract debuffs placed on ship.

Tractor Beam Repulsors: reduce damage component to just enough to kill spam, perhaps using a multiplier like Point Defense System console. Reducing damage causes this power to used for CC and spam clearing, removes incentive for inexperienced players to use for damage and reduces absurd shield ignoring damage from NPCs.

Tachyon Beam: Transfer all shield drain to targeted facing, e.g. instead of draining all shield by x, only drain shield facing you by 4x. Improves shield drain to levels that are actually threatening.

Charged Particle Burst: replace shield drain with shield redistribution to random facing, keep other effects. (rate of transfer scales with rank) Provides counter to double Tac Teams on high shield cap ships.

Aceton Beam: increase power drain when firing weapons, moderate DOT scaling with target's weapon power level. (magnitude scaling with rank) Single target. Cleared by Hazard Emitters. Causes target to have little weapons power while attacking, damage if they don't drop power levels.

Boarding Party: replace shuttles with transporters, limited range. same effects as current (number of transporter boarding waves scales with rank) Single target, 3km range. Cleared by Tac Team. Removes one counter to ability with too many counters, same effectiveness once on target.

Minor Changes:

Dispersal Pattern: Alpha: change deployment mechanic to launching all clusters at once, placing one cluster at ship's aft and throwing additional clusters to the aft, e.g. 1 cluster at ship position, 1 cluster at 1km back and 1 cluster at 2 km back, all launched simultaneously.

Go Down Fighting: must be under 50% health to activate, same magnitude.

Sensor Scan: reduce Damage Resist debuff, add Shield Damage Resist debuff. add scaling effects with Starship Sensor skill

Miracle Worker: allow to target allies. Same effectiveness.

Please comment on these changes and suggest your own. We need to let Cryptic know that these abilities and others need updating, but let's keep the anger and whining to a minimum please.