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Originally Posted by webdeath View Post
So, in order to have the best PVP Gear possible.. you'll have to..

Help a fleet Grind up to the tier of Tactical, Engineering, and Science for the ships, and other items you want..

Help the Fleet Grind up the tiers of the Embassy System..

Grind your own Romulan Marks to level up your personal Reputation with Romulans..

Grind Omega Marks in order to level up your reputation with Omega fleet for Borg stuffs.

Grind Elite STFs to get Reticles in order to get Elite Omega Marks to get some of the gear.. and it's 1 Reticle each Elite STF..And I believe you ONLY get the Reticle if you successfully complete the optional.

And after all that Grinding...about 6 months later...maybe a Year.. you'll finally be ready to PVP optimally.... Maybe...

I think we nee a new song for all of this..

They should call it PvEP