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10-28-2012, 02:58 PM
We're reviewing the Dilithium costs associated with gear - both direct-reward projects, and the store prices. It's likely they will fall some, though we're not entirely certain by how much, just yet.

I'd like to point out that Store Unlock projects have no Dilithium cost in the project itself. So, should you choose to unlock the store, and then end up deciding not to purchase any of the items you now have access to, these actions won't deplete your Dilithium reserves.

Thanks for the feedback!
This was my understanding of how the system works. I'm glad your looking at the costs. But the issue i see is that no mount of nerfing the base gear cost will be workable, especially once admiral rank hits and we've got several ships to equip, (my guess, limited to same number as ground boffs, so an extra 4). You'd have to get them down at a bare minimum to about 8K per piece tops, and that?s if you don't expect most people to acquire the weapons. If you adding weapons in 4K might be too much, (and that?s assuming a sub 1K cost for weapons).

Even 8K per piece is obviously far too cheap a surcharge IMHO. This is why i suggested moving much of the cost to a "pre-project" that you get after gaining access to the store but before being able to do the gear requisition project. It puts the majority of your gear costs in the pre-project, so that people are still paying a suitable cost, but not so expensive for the actual gear the extra sets and weapons, (for all he mydrid reasons i outlined), will be super expensive.

TBH none of m,y characters have even got to T1 yet, so I haven?t seen the details of the store, just working off reports and the math on your given dil cost numbrs.

I guess the counterpoint is that it *shouldn't* be easy or quick to get the very best gear the game has to offer.
I'm not talking about the costs to get your first set, those are fine based on what we know. I'm talking about outfitting boff,s the extra ships where supposed to be getting at admiral rank, or BoFF's for the new BoFF friendly ground content.

One set is going to be 108K at current values. Weapons are around dl store prices. So call that 20K apiece. That for a single science vessel is 120K Dil. Again expensive, but bearable. Now a ground set, another 108K Again bearable, even with the other 3 add on if getting a bit harsher.

Now start having to outfit 4 more boffs and an unknown number of ships when we get the admiral rank. basically take those costs and multiply them several times over, (assuming we get as many ships at admiral in our personal fleet as we get boffs on ground it's a 5X multiplier).

That?s my point, several 100K to outfit one ship fully is ok. But having to repay that for every boff, extra ship, or alternate build is WAY too harsh. Though alternate builds could be handled I guess by allowing a project that lets you turn in one set piece for another different one.