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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
if im facing guys that can reliably kill me, i don't bother separating usually. usually thats in C&H that has groups of escort stomp gangs, instead of being splt up trying to cap.

don't bother with turn consoles at all, even when separated they add their % extra based on the base 6 turn rate. i get 18-19 wile separated, with considerably better inertia is pretty nice for a single cannons setup.

DEM functions when using CRF and the like now, im positive it didn't used too, and thats a large portain of this ships firepower, thanks to AtB giveing DEM3 at global up time. theres a limit to how many times DEM will deal damage a second it seems, its not quite every shot wile rapid fireing. STUPID.

when i alpha something squishy like an escort, ive been know to just pepper them down to nothing, if they have no support they cant deal with the heavy 3 console buffed glider damage, or tac buffed dem, EWP dot, and the cannons themselves, even with just 2 crummy tac consoles. but yes, the problem is there is no burst to speak of, its just extreamly heavy pressure damage that can be undone in an instant with any support around. there is 0 way to burst in this ship
I am a little confused then, what are the two "turn consoles" you have listed for your build in that link? Are they not RCS's?

As far as DEM3 and damage per shot vs damage per second, I will still take the increase in damage, especially for low tac boff cruiser. I rotate between AB1 and DEM3 as much as I can.

I have been playing a lot with the 180' Q Torp from the Regent. Between its same arc as the single cannons and its damage per shot, it is giving be a boost in damage, albeit with a little loss in my "sandblasting" capabality, but it is worth trying.