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Originally Posted by raptor63549 View Post
Makes sense, the Vesta in the books had a runabout bay and mounted cannons.
And the Enterprise D had a hell lot of shuttles, the Galaxy is not a carrier despite the fact its hangar bay could easily handle 4 runabouts.

Odyssey us at the same, huge bay in the back ... yet no hangar.

Let me put this way, if they want to give it some hangar capability restrict it but then get surprised when everyone asks to get a Bay on their cruisers.

it also had a special deflector if I remember correctly.
So what?
Yellowstone comes with engines.

I am guessing the Vesta will be released in 3 versions like the Odessey.
I dont give a damn if it comes with 8 versions, IT SHOULD NOT HAVE A HANGAR.