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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
The npcs in the embassy are named "starbase crew". Shouldn't they be named "Embassy personnel"?

And the console seller in the shuttle bay is VERY confusing. There are dozens of consoles without any way to sort them.

The kits are... meh. And there are only 3 of them... Fire team is ok for tacs, but fabrication specialist and xenobiologist aren't useful at all. I see no use for them. I guess you've upgraded them because people don't like them but it won't make a useless power combination looking better...

I guess i could buy the tac one for solo gameplay purposes but in no way i'll spend dilithium on the eng and science kits.
Did your tribble fleet complete Tier 1? I looked all over the Embassy and could only find the Consumable vendor console. Couldn't find consoles or kits to look through them.