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10-28-2012, 06:11 PM
I like the ideas for jam sensors, scramble sensors, Photonic officer, aceton beam, and tachyon beam. The changes to go down fighting, sensor scan, and tractor beam repulsors would significantly decrease the effectiveness of currently very balanced abilities. Charged particle burst is an interesting idea, but I think it should still still keep it's shield stripping abilities. Boarding party using transporters is a very good idea, but with one problem. The Star Trek series has established many times that Starfleet transporters cannot transport through enemy shields, only borg can do that. They also can't transport while their own ship shields are up. One possibility would be to increase the range to 10Km and require the enemy facing shield to be down in order for the ability to work. It would also drop your own ship facing shields for 5 seconds. Then make it possible for the boarding party to deal significant subsystem, shield, and hull damage and a chance to knock the external sensors offline for X amount of time. This action would put the ability in line with the series and make it a viable option.

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