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Originally Posted by andoriansrus View Post
Cryptic and Stahl have been selling us this snakeoil for the last 2 years I fefar that what they are getting ready to do is give us Beads, Whiskey, and Polio Blankets (to quote Roach) instead of anything even resembeling meaningful content these lockboxes have already armed the feds with all of our coolest console toys whats next ???

and after reading this I have little hope for the KDF in STO... that is of course if we actually look at all of the broken promises made in the past by dastahl
This is kind of how i feel. To be honest, i hate playing as the KDF. I like the ships and how battle cloak works (i think that's how normal cloak should work like it does in canon) but over all, the KDF just isn't my faction of choice. With that said though i've been here since closed beta and i've read/heard a lot of the promises and such for the KDF, and to be fair they're being screwed. It's sad that someone has all the quotes, all the proof, and yet we're still being told so many things that never will happen. I've been a lifer since launch on both CO and STO, so i'm used to Cryptic's empty lies and hollow promises, but at the same time it disappoints me that they'd rather go with lockboxes and doff packs than actual quality content that people would actually want to toss money at them for.

I fully believe that if they've been saying it, they should be doing it. Either that or they should just generalize everything mission wise and open up the system to let people form their own factions. Maquis, romulans, borg, KDF and fed. Now that would lead to some interesting PVP.