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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
Its a joke, currently on Holodeck there are 0 costs as the system is entirely random chance, by slapping a Dilithium cost to any it makes a unlimited percentage raise.

Oh, if I want be fair, and I sure as hell dont, I would say the cost is raised in weapons at least 8000% and in set prices to 36000% if I equate 1 Dilithium to 1.

And its actually uglier isnt?
Really? Any tech you trade for an item is a tech you can't trade for dil. Thus trading techs for gear does indirectly cost you dil.

As an example, Rare Borg Engine Tech can be traded for either 1056 dil or it can be traded for a MK 11 MACO engine.

So, in a way, the MK11 MACO engine DOES cost 1056 dil.

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