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10-28-2012, 07:12 PM
..., and this last page and a half of posts on this thread have been off topic, trolling and an attempt to sabotage what this thread is trying to accomplish. We all know who on this thread has been doing nothing but rehashing the same thing and trolling..., let him post, but ignore it so we can all get back to the topic of creative ideas for revitalizing PvP. Indulging the same repetive **** is only helping him accomplish his intent, which is to start an argument on every thread I post to get it shut down.

If you feel like you can't leave his comments alone..., report him. Actually, just report him if you can ignore him. Play it by the books. The more people that ignore this blatant sabotage and report abuse on this thread, the more likely the moderators will take notice and start removing his posts and start awarding him infractions for abusing our community. But otherwise ignore him and any others who are just attempting to divert our attention from the purpose set out in this thread.

Come on peeps..., bring the creativity and excitement back to this thread. I want to hear the things you all like about the idea..., improvements you might have for it..., or just plain old new creative things we want the devs to do to expand our PvP.