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10-28-2012, 07:36 PM
Originally Posted by devorasx View Post
I was there in my atrox and we suffered as much SS spam. Im not using it on my carrier, but you might want to ask Mew or Trinity if they use it. I think they do, cant say for sure, and yes we do use dispersal pattern for trics.
Was I there for that match? I pugged in vs you, Trinity, Mew, and a couple others. Not sure if I happened to pug into the XIII premade in question.

I was using Scramble 1 on my fDSSV.
The first we heard of getting new PvP maps "soon" was in August of 2010. We're consistently told something will be coming with the "next" update. Absolutely nothing has come to PvP since launch.

I think it's finally time Cryptic stopped stringing us along, don't you?