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10-28-2012, 08:46 PM
It is a fairly good setup overall. However, you may want to swap out the EPS console, as it doesn't really give much additional benefit unless you swap power settings a lot.

The omega force shield is also a bit low on capacity for pvp, and will be difficult to keep up under burst fire. In my opinion, it's only viable if you have mad speed at all times to keep your defense up. Personally, I go with Omega engine and deflector and MACO shield, but it's your call there.

Also, the Hazard System Officer is generally shunned for the Shield Distribution Officer, which gives you a chance for a large shield heal on brace for impact.

And for the weapons, you will want [acc] modifiers for pvp. Even with one acc, my weapons miss about half the time on most good pvp escorts, especially defiants and bugs.

Finally, you may want to post your Boff layout as well, unless you've got a super effective build that you want to keep secret . I would say your Boff abilities are at least 50% of your success as a competitive player.

All the best, and see you in pvp!