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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
An event - one of those doohickeys that last an hour - where the outcome of the particular fights can change the face of the map. Areas can shift between Fed and KDF control depending on which side wins the most battles. The more battles that a side wins compared to the other, the more the map shifts.

The PvE folks can't complain about it - because they have to acknowledge that there are two sides that have historically been back and forth at war. It's a part of what's gone on in the Star Trek Universe off and on for centuries... they can participate or they can sit outside the zone and spam for DIRP to get to their mission areas.
Love that idea! I've been wanting that since I got on man. They used to have a system like that over on SW Galaxies before it shut down and I absolutely LOVED that particular aspect of their PvP system. The system was slightly different than the one you're suggesting, but basically warzones like Ker'rat and Otha were staging grounds for mass PvP battles that decided the fate of the system. Not sure if I remember it correctly since it has been years since I played that game, but I think it had an event timer that roamed from warzone to warzone in succession so that there was always a place at least one planet open for total all out war at all times. Not sure what the deciding factor was for a faction to claim the territory, but when it was over the winning side earned more marks than the losing side and the system being disputed would either change hands to another faction or remain held by the current controlling faction. The marks that players earned would then go towards getting the coolest gear in the game. Imagine if we had a few sector blocks set aside for that..., lets say the two neutral zones? Perhaps frontier space at the federation/cardassian border? That concept alone would expand PvP content in this game a hundred fold in new maps for battlegrounds alone! And good lord the possibilities that come with it for new scenarios and objectives. Thanks for that man. I sincerely appreciate the contribution.

Oh, and I really like the enter zone at your own risk concept..., something to remind us veteran players that the tone that is supposed to be set for the game is that the Federation is under impossible pressure and at war on EVERY border! In most other MMO's there are places that underskilled or lower level players DARE NOT GO! It adds so much more excitement when players are constantly confronted with the dangerous reality of the backstory and premise of those games. Dude, you got my vote for that!

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