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10-28-2012, 09:17 PM
No, it's not. My Fleet Vorcha (I'm a TAC captain) w/ the same setup doesn't drop below half-hull (from full) even when eating a High yield Plasma torp. If you managed to get dropped in a single shot, it was because your shields were down, or you don't have any resistance skills/talents/consoles running. That's your fault, you should always have atleast a EPtS running, along w/ atleast one Neutronium.

9 out of 10 complains about being "one shotted" is simply wrong setup or playwise (EPTS not active all time, shield power Level not above 100, being stationary target etc.)
My tac in Fleetscourge (Escort!) usually survives Isocharge, if being hit as first or second target. Only when I am the third in the row or getting "multicharged" by the last wave negs in CSE I die.

But the solution there is quite simple: get behind the negs when they spawn. Isocharge is 90? Front only, so no big deal for escorts to stay out of range.

In general the downgrade of the Borgset is a good decision. It is possible in KSE to tank donatras scimitar with an Escort - not by avoiding her frontal arc (as it is intented) but by simply showing her you Front, firing DHCS and flying backwards. This issomething that should not be.

But the mechanism to do it isn't the most elegant way. IMO the "tankiness" of Escorts does not come from the specific set(s). The matter is that escorts can easily avoid most incoming fire. So the passive "evasive" boni should be a bit smaller for escorts.