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10-28-2012, 09:57 PM
Hello stalkers of the forum/searchers of a fleet. my name is Captain Pirko, Timelords Command.

we're slightly on the small size for a fleet, but have almost 20 pretty active members.

why should you join Timelords? well let me put it this way. if your new to the game, joining a big fleet might mean getting slightly ignored unless active and contributing alot. this is very hard for someone fresh to the game.
small fleets doesnt mean inexperienced. we run fleet STFs constantly, and even training PVP events for those interested. we have guides to how to gear your ship on our forums, and are more then willing to help you test in-game. if you need help with missions, or some sort of side objective such as dilithium, we'll be able to help.

alternatively, if your an old time veteran to the game, and your dis-satisfied with your last fleet, let me suggest that joining a fleet such as this one might be more fun then a larger or smaller fleet. we have enough people for lots of socializing, yet not large enough that someone could get forgotten among the crowds.

our fleet has plenty of veterans, and newcomers willing to help eachother out. we're a relaxed fleet, so you wont be required to participate in anything you dont feel like doing.

signup is easy, just head over to our website at
and check out the forums nothing ventured nothing gained