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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
The Dilithium store is always available at all times without any kind of entry fee or membership, I can understand why they are priced so much higher.

Fleet store requires you going to the Fleet Vendor that is located on the Starbase and buy it, there is also a cost in Fleet Marks and it have to be unlocked by going over the tiers.

I will say this, the Dilithium Store prices are fine because otherwise people will no even bother with the exchange anymore or leave wherever they are.

I think this is, overall, something they're thinking about. There need to be things *everyone* wants to spend dilithium on, all the time. Not necessarily a lot of dilithium, but there needs to be something that every player looks at and says 'this item that costs dilithium would be an upgrade'. Right now if you can get borg gear (which everyone can) there only thing you need dilithium for is doff stuff or converting into other currencies. That conversion is only going to work if people want the thing you're selling (crafting mats for crafting that is generally not very good). The guy buying dilithium for zen needs to actually want that dilithium.

Now fleet projects and so on are interesting, because not everyone is in a fleet, so you could create an economy that way as dilithium as something fleet people want and non fleet people supply to them, but that seriously constrains the market.