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Originally Posted by zorbane View Post
Hi evil70th!

Really appreciated the help you gave me on my first mission, I'm a big boy now and here's my next two. Hoping for your feedback.

Mission Name: Duritanium Man
Author: @Zorbane
Minimum Level: 41+
Allegiance: Federation
Project ID: ST-HSMJTB692
Estimated Mission Length: 45minutes - 1 hour
Method of Report Delivery: Forum Post

Mission Name: The Galaxy's Fair
Author: @Zorbane
Minimum Level: Any level
Allegiance: Federation
Project ID: ST-HIL8TIJ29
Estimated Mission Length: 20-30minutes
Method of Report Delivery: Forum Post

If you were to play them in order Duritanium Man comes first,

Hi Zorbane,

Thanks for the review request. Your missions are 4 and 5 behind SFHQ. I will be getting to the mission queue as soon as I can. I'll make sure I play them in order.

Thanks for authoring,
If you would like a detailed review of your mission please visit my forum posting "In depth mission reports upon request" for details.

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