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10-28-2012, 11:35 PM

Bort, is it intended that the KHG engine only give their power bonuses depending on how much power you currently have in any particular subsystem?

Meaning, the more power you have in that subsystem the less power you actually receive.

This means if you have 100 weapons power, the KHG engine grants 0 power to your ship.

Considering how small these power bonuses are, in the grand scheme of things, is this actually necessary?

This seems exceptionally weak imo.
I second this. Seriously KHG engine could be better if it was not giving so little because of the your current power levels. I get a little less than 3 power from this engine because weapons are 125. Shield gets 1.1, and aux gets 1.6 power from the engine so I usually just replace it with borg that gives me +5 to engine power. However I would use KHG engine more if those power bonuses stayed at 3.8 instead of being dynamic.

AEGIS set needs to be upgraded to mk 12 and improved. I love its looks, but its weaker than khg and maco in elite stfs.