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10-28-2012, 11:06 PM
Honestly though, often, gear level is not really the problem as much as knowing which type of gear to use (stacking field gens, armors and energy type consoles), BOFF abilities and knowing when to use those abilities. Standard blue mk xi gear is often sufficient for even Elite STFs.

Besides, since you seem to be unhappy about a newbie warping out on you, that's more of an attitude problem with him/her, not a gear problem. Most newbies don't read these forums anyway.

All you can do is try to talk to them in-game, and hope they listen. Failing which, your last resort is to attempt to carry the STF yourself, which is often doable if you have at least two escorts which know what they are doing.

And one more thing, I hardly think STFs have gone way up or anything since f2p. They're actually marginally easier, IMHO.