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Originally Posted by skyranger1414 View Post
This gets thrown around so often (not just by the poster, but by KDF players in general)... but what unique gameplay thing do the feds have at all? Certainly not Sci Vessels. Fed ships are tankier but KDF usually has cloaks and/or cannons on everything, not to mention the ability to use said cannons.

Feds get Diplomacy for an extra dialogue option... 3, 4 times in the course of the game? KDF gets marauding, which is a HUGE resource generator all the time.

So the KDF gets better access to energy drain builds, better resource generation, only have to grind 25 levels of missions that get repetitive after your first alt, cruisers that are more fun to fly.... Cryptic practically BRIBES players to play KDF mains and alts. I wonder if the 18% (or thereabouts) that gets thrown about weeds out Fed player's resource generation alts or if it includes them? I just don't see how adding 25 missions to the KDF mission arcs would really shift those numbers; nor how continually believing they are somehow victims when Cryptic has clearly tipped the scales in their favor is at all anything but annoying to them?

I really wish KDF players would get over their victim complex, its a little embarrassing.
*shrug* IM pretty sure before Cryptic got bought out it was stated Feds would never get carriers.

Again Im not too worked up over. After all most of time fights is through builds and skill righ-

Originally Posted by khayuung View Post
The upcoming Vesta, is effectively a Flight Deck Cruiser with a Karfi boff layout, Sensor Analysis, SUBSYSTEM TARGETING, the turn rate of a Neg'vhar, and can load dual cannons. We know this given the information coming out of Tribble.

1 fed ship. Carrying more stats than I cannot believe.

A PROTOTYPE SHIP more awesome than the FLAGSHIP.

Its Star Trek the Anime, folks.

And for the first time in my entire Starfleet career, I am apologizing to KDF. I'm truly sorry for your loss. My condolences be to PVP.


Can that ship get more OP?

Might as well stick on a Spinal Phaser Lance on the damn thing.

What else is it missing?

Oh right a tactical Cloak might as well give it the ability to cloak in battle too. Its already OP lets make it the most Over Powered ship in the entire game!

The only way this can make it more OP is that if it has a console that would one shot everything it sees on the screen!

Are you crazy Cryptic?!