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10-28-2012, 11:43 PM
If the theory is top level pvp'ers is driving out newcomers, these changes will only hurt the newcomers even more. How many times have we talked about the changes to the game widening the gap between the vets and the newcomers? This will only further increase that. Ppl coming on and saying escorts are OP or claims that ppl are cheating will increase ten fold when some new guy gets vaporized right through his shields and has no idea why.

You think trics are a problem now? Give them a 5% chance to go straight to hull. I personally however will be shooting HY quantums as fast as my little sci ship can spit them out. Whats a HY quantum good for against a target with no shields? Why even use trannies anymore with a 5% chance to go straight through with even a normal quantum?