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Originally Posted by teckorite View Post
2.) Regarding the Borg set not being used as it was supposed to...
This is, to be blunt, either a massive lie or an incredible oversight on the Developers part. Considering how abilities come into effect as you have more of the set and it becomes obvious to see that a 4-piece anomaly set would lead to mix-and-matching. ( As mentioned earlier though, this may be more oversight arising from them not playing their own game and hence not knowing its' uses )
The real problem is that the borg set "used as it was supposed to" is completely useless.
Yesterday I tested it on my wells. usually I use the omega shield and the 3 pieces borg set (deflector, engine and console).

well using the borg set "as it was supposed to" (shield, engine, deflector and console) my ship had more than 2000 shield hp less for each face, the shiedl regeneration rate was nearly the same and (of course) I had 5% lless resistance to plasma damage.
yes, I gained the assimilated tractor beam and a +5 power to shields, but it was absolutelly nothing compared to 2000 hp more for each shield's face... since I use TT having 2000 hp more for face is like having a second shield.

If pw will only remove the console from the set without seriously improving the borg shield (a better cap or a much better regeneration rate) I think no one will use the shield or the "engine + deflector" set.

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