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Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
Right now the dilithium rewards are dropping at 960/480. BUT if you turn in 5 borg neural processors (one from each elite mission), you get 1000 dilithium. That's an extra 200 per elite STF if you do the math, or 1160 per run as you don't need the processors until tier V. Once you reach tier V you also get to convert marks into dilithium, so I am actually feeling much better about Season 7 after seeing this. Sure, paying dilithium for the gear will be a pain, but once you have it that's it. Unfortunately it will take 59 days 12 hours to get through the current reputation system if you run projects non-stop.
Still sounds low.

And even if we have the two sets before S7, we still have the Adapted Set coming out. And that is going to be a massive cost for many players.