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10-29-2012, 01:57 AM
I could have sworn the devs said the EPS Flow Regulator consoles had no impact on weapons energy drain recovery (and therefore no effect on damage output), only helping to recover from abilities that drained additional power such as Beam Overload (none of which I have nor regularly face) or power setting transitions. As for the Neutroniums, I've had one or two in the past but wasn't sure how important it was to have hull resists when it was just about a done-deal when your shields dropped no matter how much hull resistance you had. Of course, that was before some of the changes to STFs that removed the near one-shot kills so maybe I should pull them back out of storage. Keep in mind I'm running 3 universal consoles in this build, and I can move them around to make better use of slots (Point Defense, Assimilated, Chevron Separation). Maybe I should just move them all to engineering, pick up a Neutronium (diminishing returns makes having more than 1 or 2 armor consoles less useful anyway), then fit four Field Generators?

As for the full Aegis set, keep in mind that the MACO shield not only can grants +10 to shield power, but to all the other power systems as well if you're under heavy fire. And I'm still getting 5 of the Aegis benefit from having the deflector. The Aegis resistance benefit also only applies to hull while the MACO shield has innate resistances to all types built in AND they apply to your shields, which is arguably more important (I still don't understand why this is the case, it's Aegis Reactive Shielding, not Reactive Hull Plating).

I've considered running Eject Warp Plasma on this build, but I feel Gravity Well is easier to use since I just need to be facing my target, not flying right in front of them, which could be even more difficult depending on timing and distance. Sure, the Odyssey has a rather low turn rate, but that's why I have the Chevron Separation console (I usually start every space STF by activating it, and rarely have to wait for the cooldown because I was destroyed), Evasive Maneuvers, and surplus deuterium devices equipped. I'll have to play around with bridge officer stations to see if I can have both, but I feel that it'll result in my having to either drop a science officer (which means the loss of a TSS, which I can't really afford if I'm only relying on EPtS 1 rather than 3) or the loss of an engineering power, probably RSP, which might be more palatable to lose but I still use it occasionally if I come under particularly heavy fire in an Elite run.

I'm not really looking for a more tactical-heavy setup, as my fleet can regularly complete optional objectives in all the space STFs even with my "low" tactical output, and I usually don't have trouble holding aggro on the bosses either. I have considered using a single-cannon/turret build in the past, but Cannon Scatter Volley doesn't have as good an ability to draw attention due to its limited targeting arc and Rapid Fire is single-target burst DPS, not really suitable for what I'm trying to accomplish. I have used Attack Pattern Delta in the past due to the fact it acted as a team buff while I held aggro on a target. However, my build effectively requires a multi-target ability, and no good player runs without Tactical Team, which would mean I would need to change one of my current universal slots to Tactical, which again at minimum removes either TSS or an engineering power, which starts to move my ship away from being a heavy tank and more towards DPS support, which would make it far more effective for me to just switch to the Excelsior-class or Regent-class. The main reason I even use the Odyssey is because I can fit that science LTC officer, something no other cruiser can currently do.

I definitely need to consider a skill respec, I'm sure there's a few points I've misplaced (too many in Power Insulators in particular). Just need to make sure I know what I'm respecing to.