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# 1 Aegis Set
10-29-2012, 02:09 AM
With all the focus on the Maco / Omega and Borg Retro sets... I think it would be nice to see a bump for the aegis set.

I think current aegis is fine as it is...

I would love to see a Aegis MK XII set though.

Perhaps we could have a Rare Crafting Piece added to the stf store... cost can be = to the cost of the other stf sets.... Then a R&D option can be added for Aegis MK XII, they would require everything the aegis set requires now to craft + the new rare omega piece.

This would give us one more set.

Later Upgraded versions of PvE sets could be done in a similer way... allowing us to craft mk XII versions of Breen and Jem sets, as well.

Seems to me something like this would give us more set options... with minimal Dev time.