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10-29-2012, 03:54 AM
Ya I know they have said Aegis was not an end game set bla bla bla... its still better then the STF sets anyway its an underrated set.

I was just trying to point out a way they could make money off it... with no work... lol it seems to be there style.

Crafted set with a earned piece like I suggest.... would cost what an STF set costs in terms of D... + what an aegis set costs thanks to the fantastic Unrep BS... Bottom line it would be the highest COST set in the game if they went ahead and created a MK XII version as I suggest.

Honestly if they want to be real money grubbing pricks... they make the set Bind On Create... forcing everyone that hasn't leveled a crafter and wants a set to level there crafter thus having to shell out for more unrep bs. Would be a huge win for them in terms of $$$ with minimal $$$ spent to create it. (the other reason I suggested they could take the breen and jem and do the same... Zero work required outside of adding a couple entries into the crafting table... really if it took more then 10 min of dev time to do that and bump the stats on the sets to mk xii I would be shocked. lol)

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