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10-29-2012, 04:42 AM
If you're going to buy the Mirror Qin, buy it-then use your tokens at L40 and grab the Hegh'ta...and here's why:

the Qin (all of them) moves/pivots like a Cruiser with RCS consoles preinstalled. The Hegh'ta on the other hand, moves, as in it has actual handling, not just degrees-per-second, but the ability to make USE of those Degrees-per-second to apply the fire. IN a good Tac captain's hands, the Heggie is a BEAST at DPS, AND you have a bag 'o' tricks for those times when your team needs some crowd-control, or to apply some sci powers, etc. etc.

With one of each IN YOUR HANDS, outfit them similarly, then run them back-to-back. See which one FEELS RIGHT.

The one that feels right, becomes your 'main' and the other one?

is a good place to stash spare parts you can't sell on the exchange, or as a backup plan for changes in playstyles or by mission.

(Personally, I've tried Raptors and found them...lacking, and cruisers tend to make me want to shout "Get out and PUSH THE ******N NOSE, TURN YOU BASTARD!!!!" at the screen (much to the annoyance of my kitties). NOTHING handles like a BoP.